Heidi Frey

Heidi Frey

President, Mighty Oak Medical, Inc.

Englewood, United States

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Her background

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    SizerMizer, Inc.

    This is a start-up company that manufactures classy and attractive size adaptors for jewelry that is too large. It is primarily used to adjust ring sizes. It is my job to get the product manufactured, distributed and sold through various outlets across the country.
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    Surgical Concepts, LLC

    I grew the company from a small one that provided services to 2 surgeons in one local medical practice to a national company with branch offices in several states and hundreds of surgeon customers. I was the CEO, CFO and COO all rolled into one, and was 100% responsible for all of the company's operations and strategic planning.

    Our revenues increased every year and we never took on any debt. When it was time to sell due to regulatory changes, we had numerous suitors. We were able to sell and keep the company largely intact, and it still holds to our mission of providing the highest quality services.
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    Patient Advocacy Coalition

    I founded the Patient Advocacy Coalition to help people who had been denied coverage for treatment by their health insurance company. I developed an expertise in the appeals process so that I could help patients to navigate the appeals process successfully and obtain coverage for medically necessary care.

    I also helped to found the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative, which still assists consumers in their daily battles with health insurance companies. I was instrumental in the passage of a law to extend coverage to children with chronic disabilities who needed physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. I was given awards for my advocacy and was a frequent public speaker on this topic. I also served for several years on a consumer council organized by the Colorado Division of Insurance.
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    Founder and CEO

    Crocodile Rock

    I developed the concept of an interactive sing-a-long program for toddlers. It was my responsibility to find recreational centers that wanted to carry the program and advertise it in their course catalogues.

    We performed at birthday parties and recreational centers and helped parents and their toddlers to bond in a stimulating and entertaining learning environment.
  • , Washington Dc


    JD - Law
    Graduated cum laude.
  • , Northampton

    Smith College

    BA in Government and Economics
    Graduated cum laude with honors in Economics, and was awarded a prize for best thesis in economics.

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Her skills

  • Advocacy
  • Health care
  • Initiative
  • Insurance
  • Jewelry
  • Law
  • Manufacturing

About her

About Heidi Frey:

An accomplished entrepreneur and executive, Heidi Frey has maintained involvement in a broad array of academic, professional, charitable, and personal endeavors, striving for excellence in each of her pursuits. After high school, Heidi Frey attended Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts, where she demonstrated her considerable aptitude for various topics in government and economics, earning departmental distinction in the latter area.

Graduating cum laude with a B.A. in Economics, along with honors and a prize for best thesis, Heidi Frey furthered her education at the Georgetown University Law Center, where she laid the foundations for a lasting legal career. Graduating cum laude with her J.D. from Georgetown Law, Heidi Frey relocated to Chicago and earned a role as an Associate at Hopkins & Sutter, then a major law firm with offices nationwide. Ascending to the rank of Partner, Heidi Frey spent nine years developing her expertise in employment law and health care law, with notable work on Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) litigation.

Following a period in the Denver branch office, Heidi Frey transitioned from Hopkins & Sutter and launched a highly diversified entrepreneurial career, beginning with the founding of Crocodile Rock, a children’s sing-along troupe that performs at birthday parties and recreational centers. After selling her interest in Crocodile Rock, Heidi Frey founded the Patient Advocacy Coalition, where she provided legal and administrative support to adults, children, and families denied medical coverage by their health insurers. In this role, Heidi Frey contributed to the passage of an important child health care law, helped found the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative, and steered numerous patients through the complexities of the health insurance appeals process, among other accomplishments.

Heidi Frey subsequently served as Chief Executive Officer at Surgical Concepts, LLC, where she oversaw all facets of the company’s operations, finance, and business development, building her firm into a nationwide presence in the health care field. Heidi Frey sold it in 2009. At present, Heidi Frey functions as President of Mighty Oak Medical, Inc., an incubator for spine technologies.

Recognized for her contributions to health care initiatives and patient advocacy, Heidi Frey has given her time, energy, and resources to a number of philanthropic causes, including breast cancer research. In her leisure time, Heidi Frey enjoys spending time with her family and reads whenever possible. Residing in Colorado, Heidi Frey counts Ayn Rand among her favorite authors.