Heather Linkenheimer

Heather Linkenheimer Helps Clients Achieve Relaxation, Self-Acceptance

Las Vegas, United States

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Her background

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    July 2006

    Freelance Massage Therapist


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    March 2005

    Instructor and Mentor

    Free Lance Yoga

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  • Massage Therapist

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About her

A freelance yoga instructor and massage therapist, Heather Linkenheimer possesses a distinct passion for helping others pursue healthy, balanced lives. She first began practicing yoga regularly in 2003 and has worked with students in weekend-long retreats and weekly class sessions since 2005. In her instruction, Heather Linkenheimer actively challenges her students to reach their potential both physically and mentally.

During each practice, Heather Linkenheimer also invites students to engage in a moving meditation that corresponds with each inhale and exhale. Many practitioners believe that connecting the breath with yoga's physical asanas or postures reduces stress and provides a liberating sensation.

Through her evolution as a yoga teacher, Heather Linkenheimer has recognized the yoga practice as a powerful avenue for self-acceptance. Much of her personal yoga philosophy stems from the works of Mandy Ingber, a yoga instructor and fitness expert in Los Angeles. In her book, Yogalosophy: 28 Days to the Ultimate Mind-Body Makeover, Ingber explains that “having the body you want begins with loving the body you have.” Heather Linkenheimer has adopted this approach to yoga and encourages her students to appreciate their bodies and express a deep internal gratitude during each practice.

Ms. Linkenheimer integrates much of her yoga background with her work as a massage therapist. Through massage, she helps people relax, release stress, and attain greater physical health. Oftentimes, her clients schedule massages before or after their yoga sessions; over the years, she has found that pairing massage with yoga increases flexibility and promotes healthy circulation. Moreover, this combination allows clients to let go of negative energy and enter a state of complete relaxation.