Hayley Ninnis

Hayley Ninnis

Hayley Ninnis - Penn State Student with Diverse Interests

Studying at The Pennsylvania State University


Currently employed at Hayley's Vintage Clothing and Jewelry



    Hayley Ninnis graduated from Delaware County Community College in Media, Pennsylvania, with an associate degree in psychology. Currently, she is attending Penn State Brandywine in Media, where she continues to further her education in psychology. In her studies, Haley Ninnis has also found time to explore the field of astronomy, having completed several courses in the subject. In addition to pursuing her education, Ms. Ninnis serves as a bookseller with Barnes and Noble in Exton, Pennsylvania. There, she utilizes her deep interest in books to help customers make purchases. Her passion for the written word also includes actively collecting vintage books. Aside from her academic and professional responsibilities, Hayley Ninnis plans to procure teacher training certification in power vinyasa yoga from Malvern, Pennsylvania’s Power Yoga Works. She has also trained as a glassblower and worked for the luxury glassware company Simon Pearce. Further, as a skilled seamstress and fashion aficionado, she has taken several spinning-wheel classes.



At Hayley's Vintage Clothing and Jewelry

From January 2014 to Present
Collecting vintage clothing, shoes, boots, hats, jewelry, and accessories that are least twenty years old. Most, if not all merchandize is signed and has an interesting history. I collect, photograph, research for authenticity and fashion history, describe, counsel when necessary for size, decide...
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