Harold Chamberlain Costa Rica

Harold Chamberlain Costa Rica

Harold Chamberlain of Costa Rica

Currently employed at BUFETE CHAMBERLAIN S.A.


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    A member of the Colegio de Abogados de Costa Rica, Harold Chamberlain graduated magna cum laude with his law degree from Universidad Federada de Costa Rica in 1997. He joined his family’s law firm, Bufete Chamberlain, SA, and has worked at the firm as an attorney and partner ever since. Over the course of his career as an attorney, Harold Chamberlain has focused primarily on matters relating to land development, real estate, commercial law, and immigration. Given that the majority of his clients are American and Canadian, he is fluent in English. An active member of his community, he provides monthly support to the Asociación Costarricense de Personas con Perro guía, or Costa Rican Association of People with Guide Dogs. Mr. Chamberlain also studied fine arts at the Universidad Autonoma de Centroamerica and has been painting since 1988. His artwork has been shown in both group and solo shows and has been sold around the world.





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