Greta Siddiqui

Greta Siddiqui, School Teacher and Hospital Volunteer

Cary, United States

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Her background

  • Today
    January 1993

    Substitute Teacher K - 6

    Rochester School District

  • Today
    January 1993
    January 1992

    Remedial Math Teacher Grade 2-6

    Corinth Central School District

  • Today
    January 1992
    January 1990

    Permanent Substitue Teacher K-12

    Corinth Central School District

  • Today
    October 1991
    January 1991

    Field Hockey Coach

    Corinth Central School

    Coached First Aid and Safety Certification.
  • State University of New York At Brockport

    Education - Certified in Elements of Instruction. Student Teacher - English Village Elementary Rochester NY - Kindergarten Student Teacher - Kirk Road Elementary Rochester NY - Grade 4.

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Her skills

  • Foundation
  • Teacher
  • Volunteer

Her hobbies

Running - I have run several road races for charity. I enjoy Yoga Reading Volunteering Traveling Camping with my family and Jetsking. I support my childrens athletics and activities (swimming lacrosse golf band). Abbington Swim Team.

About her

Born into a family of educators, Greta Siddiqui has professional experience as a substitute teacher, coach, and remedial instructor. Greta Siddiqui’s maternal grandparents immigrated to the United States from Slovakia in the 1920s. With minimal understanding of English, they established a successful New York butcher shop and raised five children.

The youngest of the family, Ms. Siddiqui’s mother attended boarding school in Pennsylvania. She met her future husband while a student at the State University of New York at Oneonta. After graduating with Education degrees, the couple moved to Upstate New York. Greta Siddiqui’s sister, brother, and two aunts have also pursued careers in education. Ms. Siddiqui earned her B.S. in Education at the College at Brockport, State University of New York, gaining practical experience as a student teacher at two local elementary schools. She subsequently accepted a position as a permanent K-12 Substitute Teacher with the Corinth Central School District. During this time, she additionally held responsibilities as Field Hockey Coach at Corinth Central School, providing first aid and safety certification.

Greta Siddiqui served as a Remedial Math Teacher for grades two through six with Corinth Central School District from 1992 to 1993, subsequently taking a position with Rochester School District as a Substitute Teacher for kindergarten through sixth grade. Since starting her family, she has volunteered at her children’s various schools in Arizona, Connecticut, and North Carolina. Her children currently attend schools in Cary, North Carolina. Greta Siddiqui maintains a strong Catholic identity and supports a number of religious and educational charities, including the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging.