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Leesburg, United States

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About her

Attorney Grace Glavin is an experienced attorney who is capable of representing clients in a wide range of areas that encompass real estate, business, and immigration law. At her private practice, Attorney Glavin offers numerous related services, primarily focused on real estate law, to help clients access the necessary legal representation in one place. More than three decades of experience make her guidance invaluable in matters of residential and commercial real estate closings, estate planning, probate and estate administration family law, real estate litigation, and foreclosure litigation.

After completing her Bachelor of Arts degree in government studies at Smith University in Northampton, Massachusetts, Attorney Grace Glavin graduated cum laude with a Juris Doctor degree from the Syracuse University School of Law in Syracuse, New York, in 1977. Attorney Glavin was the first female attorney to work at the Syracuse, New York, law firm where she began her law career. She gained valuable experience there until 1982, when she moved to Florida. In 1985, following a stint at a prominent law firm in Orlando, Florida, she opened her private practice in Winter Springs.

Additional services that Attorney Grace Glavin provides are business counseling and litigation, general and commercial litigation, and navigation of the complex United States immigration laws, which is an important issue in her home state. A member of the Florida State Bar Association, the New York State Bar Association, and the National Association of Professional Mortgage Women, Attorney Glavin also owns Morgan Title Company and Tuscawilla Mortgage Company.

Attorney Grace Glavin volunteers in her community as a service unit manager with the Girl Scouts of America and provides voluntary legal counsel at several senior citizen centers. In her spare time, Attorney Grace Glavin pursues her interest in public speaking by engaging in community events.