Glenn Gutmacher

Glenn Gutmacher

Group Manager, Talent Sourcing Centre of Excellence

Sharon, United States

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His background

  • Today
    September 2014

    Group Manager, Talent Sourcing Center of Excellence

    +5000 employees

    * Build out "internal RPO" model based on success of previous years with expanded offshore team for online pipelining of active and passive leads and junior onshore callers handling first-contact phone screens. ;
    * develop and lead company's first internal sourcing certification program for APAC region personnel ;
    * continuing other key initiatives from previous four years (see below) ;
  • Today
    September 2010

    Manager, Talent Sourcing SWAT Lead

    +5000 employees

    • $2 billion global IT solutions joint venture owned by Accenture and Microsoft, formed in 2000
    • develop and implement talent sourcing strategies, primarily focused on US and Canada, but some overseas as well
    • engage in SWAT sourcing projects for hard-to-find IT solutions developer talent using direct sourcing, social networking and virtual communities, advanced boolean search, etc.
    • build competitive intelligence collection system on intranet sharepoint site utilizing RSS feeds and ad hoc data.
    • company lead for LinkedIn (inmail templates, profile optimization including multimedia and RSS feeds, and other best practices), worked with recruitment marketing lead on Work With Us ad campaigns
    • investigate and recommend recruiting sites and automation tools
    • training sourcing and recruiting team members worldwide on methods and tools
    • special projects
  • Today

    Group Manager, Recruiting

    +5000 employees

  • Today
    September 1997

    President & Founder

    (, Sharon, MA / Norton, MA. President/Founder,
    * Panelist and speaker at many human resources and recruiting conferences (e.g., SourceCon 2007 - 2014, LinkedIn Talent Connect 2014, AOEP 2007 - 2014, Recruiting Trends 2013, see for older listings).
    * Research, develop, market and present ``Advanced Online Recruiting Techniques'' seminar and e-course in varied formats to associations and thousands of recruiters from hundreds of companies of all sizes and industries.
    * Developed and presented Internet sourcing modules at all ``Stepping Up to Diversity'' seminars presented by Frank X. McCarthy & Associates (2002 - 2003). Corporate clients include Harvard U., Merck, etc.
    * Frequently published writer on online recruiting techniques (see for archive). ;
  • Today
    September 2010
    September 2008

    Vice President, Arbita


    Arbita (, Minneapolis, MN. Vice President, Arbita Consulting & Education Services (ACES),
    * Joined Shally Steckerl's JobMachine Inc. prior to its merger with Arbita.
    * Lead sourcer / recruiter training and consulting programs for dozens of companies to help build passive talent communities and candidate pipelines through advanced boolean search, Internet and phone sourcing, social recruiting methods, etc.
    * Develop new sourcing- and social recruiting-related products and services, such as the Recruiter GuruGuides e-commerce educational product series (formerly JobMachine CheatSheets) for search engines and social networks
    * Run needs assessments with large and small corporate recruiting departments and third-party search firms to help customize and sell in consulting and training offerings.
    * Present wide range of profitable customized sourcing and recruiting workshops to dozens of clients, focusing on: Internet and phone sourcing, social media and online communities for sourcing and branding, email campaigns, tools and automation, search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing (SEM) for recruiting, etc.
    * Develop real-time online testing and follow-up exercise materials to insure learning was absorbed.
    * Present consistently highly-attended/rated recruiting workshops and webinars at various major conferences and regional recruiting associations such as ERE, Kennedy, RCE, AOEP, SMAGC, NAPS chapters, etc.
    * Create and market profitable webinar series co-presented by internal and external recruiting industry experts, in addition to highly-attended free webinar series for Arbita customers. ;
  • Today
    September 2008
    July 2005

    Recruiting Researcher

    +5000 employees

    Microsoft (, Redmond, WA / Waltham, MA. Recruiting Researcher, Global Central Sourcing Team,
    * Used wide array of online resources, software and web-enabled tools, and innovative Internet search techniques to find highly-skilled passive leads who meet specific software development candidate profiles.
    * Consulted with management on systematic improvements to sourcing processes.
    * Worked cooperatively with peers on creating and implementing industry best practice sourcing methodologies.
    * Conducted internal sourcing training series for recruiting teams globally; content posted to intranet remains highly used.
    * Ran niche software developer sourcing for Microsoft's six primary international development centers and recruiting competitive intelligence for the key companies, universities, communities, awards, etc., in the related geographies. ;
  • Today
    August 2008
    July 2005

    Recruiting Researcher

    +5000 employees

  • Today
    July 2005
    June 2003

    Lead Sourcer & Recruiter Trainer

    +5000 employees

    Lead Sourcer, Recruiter Trainer & Career Webmaster,
    * Led the sourcing effort for US recruiting team to find passive candidates for senior-level and other hard-to-fill job openings.
    * Developed new content and functionality, redesigned and maintained US career website, to reflect industry best practices.
    * Served as lead trainer of advanced Internet recruiting techniques for the department.
    * Instituted innovative internal and external e-marketing efforts for recruiting purposes.
    * Demoed, evaluated and recommended for purchase third-party tools to improve recruiting and productivity.
    * Served as first-line liaison on applicant tracking system (ATS) problems; developed functionality specifications for enhancements.
    * Researched and adapted best-in-class methodology for employment branding online. ;
  • , New Haven

    Yale University

    Bachelor of Arts
    B.A., cum laude, Psychology/Organizational Behavior,
    * Contributions directly tied to department's two nominations as finalist in's Excellence Awards: "Most Innovative Recruiting Process or Structure" (for our in-house executive search function) and "Most Strategic Use of Technology" (for development and effective use of our website/ATS/other interactive e-communications), 2005. ;
  • , New Haven, Ct

    Undergraduate College

    B.A. Psychology / Organizational Behavior
    Heavily involved in sales, promotions, fundraising and on-air broadcasting at WYBC-FM/AM, Yale Broadcasting Company

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His skills

  • Recruiting
  • Talent Search
  • Talent Pipelining
  • Social networking
  • Recruitment
  • Recruiter
  • Technical and general management
  • EMarketing
  • Onshore Oil & Gas
  • Offshore Oil & Gas
  • Joint Venture
  • Internet
  • Human resources

His languages

  • English
    ****Mother tongue
  • Spanish

    His hobbies

    karate golf leisure hiking other family activities

    About him

    Helping develop talent sourcing strategies for the $2 billion joint venture of Accenture and Microsoft, founded in 2000. Check out the latest career opportunities at

    Pioneer in Internet sourcing / recruiting research techniques. See for more details.

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