George Gould Jr

George Gould Jr

CEO, Goulds Marketing Services LLC

Queenstown, United States

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His background

  • Today


    Goulds Marketing Services LLC

  • Today
    December 2006
    January 2000

    Technical Sales Rep

    Lucent Technology's Inc

    Analized, Designed, and Sold Business Tele-Communication Systems to Sm-Med sized Corporations.
  • Today
    December 1999
    September 1994

    Technical Sales Rep.

    Bell Atlantic Telecommunications, now called: Verizon

    Small Business Dept. (Pay Telephone Division)
  • Today
    August 1994
    August 1990

    District Mgr

    The George S May Intn'l Co. Inc

    Responsible for the North-Eastern section of the US. Primarily everything from: Staten Is, Ny down to Wash., D.C. This area included: NY, NJ, PA, DE, MD, & VA
  • Today
    May 1990
    April 1979

    Regional Mgr

    Rothchild Int'L

    Responsible for managing the areas of Md, Greenville Sc, and Atlanta Ga.
  • , College Park

  • , Wye Mills, Md

    Chesapeake College

    Business Admin, Business Curriculum, Accounting (Minor), Joined Theta Tau Kappa Fraternity,

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His skills

  • Direct Sales
  • Networking
  • Sales management
  • Marketing

His hobbies


About him

Hi Everyone,
Welcome to my world of GMSA1. = > HTTPS://GMSA1.COM = > (PLEASE JOIN)
I’ve been in business since January 2007-Present; USA. First, I give Honor to God & Jesus “the Christ”, and to be a servant for Christ as he was for me. (That’s FIRST!)

I am currently employed building my own company as I have been since its inception Jan, 2007 to Presently. As I speak, I am going through the Dunn & BradStreet process to have my company rated by: Dunn & BradStreet & I am vigorously moving in my Destiny, Vision, & Dreams, with Purpose, Intent & Mission. Want to know more go to my FB Fan Page titled “Gould’s Marketing Services LLC”, or my Group called: “The Take-Action & Just Do-it Group”.
= > http://www.gouldsmarketingservices-and-assocs.i... ,(Please Join)

I am building Local & Int’l business relationships (1-step at a time) with Net-workers, Internet Marketers, Marketing Professionals, “Globally”, all operating under the umbrella of Gould’s Marketing Services LLC, -via- The Power of Leveraging on the Net.
My Mission is to offer Profitable business opp’s., Services, and Digital Product’s to all who endeavor to become part of this team, learn, work, & grow with the group. Then as they are blessed financially, (Prayerfully),
they will become a Blessing to others who are in need (unselfishly).

GMSA1: Goulds Marketing Services LLC:

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Fatima Zahra
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  • disbursement officer, Gold loan international
Ahmed Bello
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