Geoff Scovil Attorney

Geoff  Scovil Attorney

Public Defender Handles Habeas Corpus Breaches

Île-de-France, United States

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About him

A defense attorney with extensive experience trying criminal cases ranging from misdemeanors to felony murder charges, Geoff Scovil received a BA in history, philosophy, and ethnic studies from the University of Texas at Austin. After postgraduate studies in history at the University of Texas at El Paso, he completed a JD with honors at Case Western Reserve University School of Law in Cleveland, Ohio. While studying law, attorney Geoff Scovil volunteered with the local public defender department in Cleveland.

Since 1998, Geoffrey Scovil has practiced in Albuquerque, New Mexico, serving as a contractor for the New Mexico Public Defender Department. In this role, he is committed to providing effective legal representation for criminal defendants who lack the means to obtain private counsel. Currently, he concentrates his practice on habeas corpus law. Combining felony trial experience with appellate research and legal writing acumen, he works to uphold constitutionally granted protections for those whose rights have been breached in situations such as trial without adequate counsel or illegal sentencing.

Away from the law, Geoff Scovil enjoys listening to jazz and supports Outpost Performance Space, a local nonprofit performing-arts center that hosts jazz artists from around the world. Recently, he sponsored the appearance of New York-based trumpeter Ralph Alessi’s Baida Quartet at Outpost.