Fernando Fiksman

Fernando Fiksman

CEO, Celistics

Currently employed at Celistics



    For the past two years, Fernando Fiksman has dedicated himself to establishing Movilway as a telecommunications leader in Latin America. Movilway allows mobile phone users to complete banking transactions from their cellular devices, simplifying the process of sending and receiving money. As CEO and Consejero Delegado (Managing Director), Fernando Fiksman has played an instrumental role in expanding the firm to 13 nations within Central and South America. In the beginning of 2010, Fernando Fiksman added pre-payment to the company’s roster of services. Due to Fernando Fiksman’s exceptional leadership, Movilway will soon open offices in Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay, Guatemala, Chile, El Salvador, Venezuela, and Nicaragua. In addition to directing Movilway’s vision, Fernando Fiksman serves as Chief Executive Officer for Celistics, a highly successful cellular phone distributor and logistics operator based in Madrid, Spain. Some of the most profitable mobile phone companies in the world utilize Celistics to distribute their products within the Latin American market. To meet partners’ logistics needs and capitalize on both short and long-term opportunities, Fernando Fiksman employs a statistical model that considers regular demands and the effects of marketing efforts. Fernando Fiksman enables consistent communication and coordination between sales agents and logistics staff members, improving performance all along the distribution chain. Father to one son, Fernando Fiksman currently resides in Madrid, Spain.




At Celistics

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