Elsa Nicol

Elsa Nicol

Resident Engineer at Caterpillar Product Design Department, Geometric Engineering SAS

Currently employed at Geometric Engineering SAS

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    An adaptable and enterprising Mechanical Engineering Project Manager with proven ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously. Excellent communication skills with experience in the challenging environment of contractor-customer collaboration. Enjoys working in a multi-national and multi-cultural environment. OBJECTIVE Seeking to a full-time position as a Project Manager, in a varied role with an element of business analysis, engineering and cross-functional communication.


Resident Engineer at Caterpillar Product Design Department

At Geometric Engineering SAS

From 2007 to Present
Responsibilities - Sole manager of all outsourced engineering projects: up to 28 projects per week. - Provide work for and lead a team of 15-20 engineers located in Romania - Guarantee customer satisfaction : schedule, budget, quality of the delivery material - Identify business opportunities,...
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President and founding member

At Octuor Yacinthes

- Logistics, concerts and musical events organization - Schedule Management, Team Management

Manager of a volunteer project for Blind and Low Vision People

At INSA de Lyon, Mechanics Department

- Book of specifications to meet the client’s demand - Writing of technical notice of tender - Selection of service providers

Master's Research Project

At Biomechanics & Human Modelling Laboratory, Lyon University, France

- Experimental data gathering during gait cycle: Motion Analysis System - Implementation of 3D kinematic and dynamic equations: Matlab 7.0 - Graphic analysis and discussion with regard to related works - Publication

R&D Engineer

At Dassault Aviation, Saint-Cloud, France

- Falcon 7X weight database management: Catia V5 & VPM - Analysis of suppliers weight reports. Corrective actions and training - Client and contractors relation management on weight matters - Technical and statistical tools for weight optimization


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