Ellen Campbell

Physician, Ellen Campbell MD PC

Reston, VA, United States

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    Ellen Campbell MD PC

    Focus on prevention. Help clients to identify their healthcare goals and to explore with them means to achieve these goals, focusing on obstacles to make healthy lifestyle choices and interventions other then pharmacologics. Dr Campbell has chosen to work with each and every patient individually, avoiding use of midlevels.

    Provide complete healthcare for adults 16 and up. Diagnostics and treatment. Always updating evaluation and treatment with evidence based medicine guidelines and integrative and complementary alternatives.

    Featured in the Washingtonian's "Top Docs".Chosen for award featured in " Top Physicians," " Patient's Choice Award". Started medical school at 39. Formerly masters prepared Psychiatric nurse specialists with years in the community mental health system.
  • Today

    Physician, Ambulatory Care

    HCA Reston Hospital

    Internist providing patient care in mid size practice.
  • School of Business & Public Management

    M.D., Medicine
    School of Medicine, Graduated with highest Honors.
  • , Charlottesville, Va

    University of Virginia

    M.S.N., Nursing
    School of Nursing, Graduated with Honors.

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  • Health care

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Hiking Reading Animal Welfare Gardening Yoga Meditation

About her

Dr. Ellen Campbell entered the medical profession in 1983 when she completed her Master of Science in Nursing at the University of Virginia’s School of Nursing in Charlottesville. After graduating with honors, Dr. Campbell worked for several years with community mental health institutions in a psychiatric nursing capacity. A decade after obtaining her MS in Nursing, Dr. Ellen Campbell completed her medical studies at The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences in Washington, D.C. She graduated from the program in 1993 with highest honors, earning her official designation as a Doctor of Medicine.

Today, Dr. Ellen Campbell operates her own private practice, located in Reston, Virginia. Through her practice, she provides her patients with a number of alternatives to the pharmacological treatment of medical conditions. Dedicated to familiarizing herself with the medical history of each of her patients and cultivating personalized relationships with them, Dr. Campbell has served as a capable and comprehensive health care provider for individuals over the age of 16 for more than 10 years.

In addition to her extensive expertise in the field of professional health care, Dr. Ellen Campbell remains actively involved with numerous charitable and philanthropic efforts. She supports Habitat for Humanity International and SOME (So Others May Eat), as well as various centers that provide shelter, education, and financial and psychological assistance for women. In addition, she takes pleasure in mentoring young girls. In her free time, Dr. Ellen Campbell enjoys doing yoga, meditating, reading, and hiking in Great Falls Park and other local spots.