Eli Seruya

Owner, Liberty Tax Services

Brooklyn , NY, United States

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His background

  • Today
    September 2011


    Liberty Tax Services

  • Today
    July 2011


    Modest by the sea

  • Today


    Midtown Consulting Group

  • Towson University

    Business Administration

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His skills

  • Consulting
  • Taxes

His languages

  • Hebrew
  • Spanish
  • Arabic

    His hobbies

    traveling and bike riding

    About him

    New York executive Eli Seruya has launched three separate enterprises since 2011. He has founded two businesses in the financial services sector, Midtown Consulting Group and Liberty Tax Services, both in Brooklyn. In addition, Eli Seruya has started a retail apparel company, Modest by the Sea, which operates an online storefront at http://www.modestbythesea.com

    Before forming his own ventures, Eli Seruya held high-level positions in the New York garment industry. Between 2000 and 2010, he served as Chief Financial Officer with Consolidated Children’s Apparel, Inc., managing many aspects of the business. Charged with optimizing banking alliances, he instituted strategies to boost the company’s cash position. Similarly, he oversaw budgeting and reporting systems and orchestrated all audit activities. He also joined with Vice President of Information Technology to acquire a new financial system.

    Later, Eli Seruya was recruited to the New York office of Brand Science, LLC. Initially brought on board for a three-month term, the firm retained his services for more than a year. During this time, he applied his financial expertise to sale of the LeSportsac brand to Itochu, a transaction that closed in April 2010.

    Eli Seruya also regularly advised the company’s CEO and ensured that senior management was apprised of pertinent financial data. Moreover, his responsibilities encompassed overseeing corporate policies and practices, analyzing financial reports, and implementing all fiscal plans.

    Outside of his business interests, Mr. Seruya was elected President of his local temple. During tax season, he volunteers his time by preparing tax returns for those unable to afford professional services. In his leisure time, he enjoys traveling and bike riding.