Drew Ciccarelli

Drew Ciccarelli

Drew Cicarelli – CEO of DMC Capital Investments, LLC

Currently employed at DMC Capital Investments LLC



    A driven venture capitalist and business manager in Charleston, South Carolina, Drew Ciccarelli currently serves as chief executive officer of DMC Capital Investments, LLC. Under his management, DMC Capital undertakes a range of venture capital projects involving clothing, retail shopping, gyms, and upscale restaurants. Successful projects recently spearheaded by Drew Ciccarelli include the development of Charbar Co., a popular and well-reviewed restaurant located in Hilton Head, South Carolina; Mr. Ciccarelli is presently working to expand the restaurant’s operations and possibly develop a Charbar franchise. Among the other restaurants owned by DMC Capital is the stylish Charleston lounge, Republic Reign. Continually expanding its investment and business development operations, DMC Capital Investments currently employs more than 100 individuals throughout the nation. Drew Ciccarelli holds a bachelor of science in marketing from Penn State. Thanks to his career success, he is able to regularly donate to charitable organizations including Susan G. Komen, the American Cancer Association, Christmas Commandos, and Wounded Warrior.




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