Dr Bryan Gescuk M D

Dr Bryan Gescuk M D

Physician/Chief of Medicine , San Mateo Medical Center

San Mateo, CA, US, United States

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About him

San Mateo Medical Center chief of medicine Bryan Douglas Gescuk, M.D., leverages more than 15 years of experience to treat patients with health conditions ranging from rheumatoid arthritis to Sjogren ’s syndrome. Since joining the staff at SMMC, Dr. Bryan Gescuk has garnered multiple recognitions, including Outstanding Faculty Award on two occasions as well as an Arthritis Foundation postdoctoral fellowship.

Dr. Gescuk also serves as chief medical officer at FirstLine, a comprehensive medical practice for in-home patients in San Francisco. He has established a network of physicians and resources necessary to facilitate evaluation and treatment of individuals unable to leave their homes.

Bryan Douglas Gescuk, M.D., pursues a number of interests in his leisure time. A former collegiate athlete, he enjoys watching sports, and his favorite basketball team is the Golden State Warriors. Additionally, he reads about advances related to rheumatologic care and has periodically written for such blogs as KevinMD.com.