Douglas Cadwallader

Douglas Cadwallader

Douglas Cadwallader, member of the priesthood of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas

Currently employed at The Episcopal Diocese of Texas.



    Throughout the course of his long professional career, Douglas Cadwallader has acted in many capacities and worked in a wide array of industries. Positions he has held over the years include junior high school history teacher, security guard, maintenance man, taxi driver, and U.S. Department of Defense civilian employee. However, Douglas Cadwallader considers the primary focus and highest achievement of his career to be his service in the priesthood for the Episcopal Diocese of Texas, where he acted as a spiritual guide for 33 years. Over the course of his time with the Episcopal Diocese of Texas before his retirement in 2010, Fr. Cadwallader served communities in Houston, Palacios, and Matagorda. As a complement to his dedicated spiritual service, Douglas Cadwallader has pursued multiple avenues of philanthropic work over the years. From 1977 to 1981, he belonged to the Rotary Club of Palacios, Texas, and he held membership in the Rotary Club of Houston from 1982 to 1986. During his time with these organizations, Fr. Cadwallader participated in many local charitable initiatives, and, for one year, he was a member of a committee tasked with tackling local community issues. In addition to his work with Rotary clubs, Douglas Cadwallader has engaged in community service programs with several prominent organizations. He has twice served as a Block Captain for the American Cancer Society’s annual fundraising campaign. Furthermore, in the mid-1980s, Fr. Cadwallader helped launch the Houston Food Bank, which began as an outreach program at St. Paul's United Methodist Church. While serving as a Priest at Trinity Episcopal Church from 1982 to 1986, Douglas Cadwallader held responsibility for managing the charitable outreach efforts on behalf of the church toward the assistance of members of the local community who lacked sufficient food, clothing, and housing. Fr. Cadwallader has also spent some time working with the multi-denominational Christian Community Service Center, which provides food, clothing, and money for rent to individuals in need.



Rector, Assistant Rector, The Reverend, Father

At The Episcopal Diocese of Texas.

From 1977 to Present

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  • xHobbies/ Activities : 1) Motorcycles - Now it's more of a hobby of looking at motorcycles than actually riding them. I learned to ride a 750cc Yamaha 3 cylinder bike 30 years ago out in the country-side between Palacios and Matagorda