David Heskiel

David Heskiel

Marketing Professional David Heskiel Enjoys Nature and Food

Currently employed at Riverside Abstract



    For several years, David Heskiel has been handling marketing and public relations for Riverside Abstract, a Brooklyn-based title insurance company. During this time, he has consistently achieved the company’s business goals by bringing in major sales from around the U.S. and providing top-quality customer service. With his marketing skills, David Heskiel maintains positive client relationships on behalf of Riverside Abstract and organizes different networking events for real estate owners and brokers. In his free time, Mr. Heskiel enjoys staying active. He regularly works out at the gym several hours each week and enjoys cardio exercises as well as weight lifting and boxing. He takes pride in his personal mile time and routinely trains to improve it. He also enjoys nature, and spends a great deal of his free time outdoors. He likes fishing and hiking and has gone turkey hunting in Nebraska. Beyond his enjoyment of the outdoors and physical activity, Mr. Heskiel is a self-described foodie. He is a member of Facebook’s Largest Foodie Network group and loves trying top restaurants around New York. However, he also enjoys cooking his own dishes. A gourmet chef, he often focuses on cooking vegetarian dishes and is frequently the designated cook when his friends and family get together.




At Riverside Abstract

From 2011 to Present


  • Marketing