David Devlin Bozeman Montana

David Devlin Bozeman Montana

Cinematographer, Self Employed

Woodbridge, United States

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A resident of Bozeman, Montana, David Devlin works as a professional cinematographer. Over the course of his career, he has worked on numerous feature length projects as well as shorter films, music videos, and commercials. He has worked with notable musicians ranging from Muse and Lana Del Rey to a collaboration between the Dave Matthews Band and the Blue Man Group. He has also worked on the photography for two episodes of the Netflix original series House of Cards starring Kevin Spacey and directed by David Fincher. Prior to establishing his base in Bozeman, Montana, David Devlin attended college at Boston’s Emerson College.

Mr. Devlin is perhaps best known for his work on motion pictures directed by Stephen Spielberg. Along with films like The Terminal and Minority Report, he has contributed to more recent projects such as War Horse and War of the Worlds. During his career he has received several nominations for cinematography and photography awards, including the 1987 Kodak Medallion Award.