David Bennett

David Bennett

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Pennsauken, United States

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    December 2013


    The Diamond Platform Exchange

    The Diamond Platform Exchange is a direct worldwide platform providing buyers with both polished and rough diamonds.

    Contact directly with your buying needs. We work with small as well as large buyers seeking to purchase diamonds and/ or sell the best quality diamonds worldwide.

    Whether looking to buy or sell your polished and rough diamonds. We work directly with both sellers and buyers worldwide to maximize the opportunities and get real deals finalized.
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    September 2013
    Purchase 999.9 24 karat fine gold in denomination weights of 1.0, 2.5 and 5.0 gram bullions that everyone can afford.

    So what exactly is a KaratBar?

    A KaratBar is a beautifully designed 'card' with a small denomination of real 24 karat gold framed inside and are always certified for purity and weight and will always be accepted worldwide by banks, financial institutions, and merchants.

    Each gold bullion is pure 999.9 24 karat fine gold containing a hologram for additional security purposes. The certification area on each KaratBar is globally recognized and guarantees its contents are genuine.

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    November 2013
    March 2013

    Financial Advisor

    Investment Diamond Exchange

    Investment diamonds are an attractive new asset class with potentially excellent returns, helped by a reduction in mine production and an increase in the popularity of diamond jewelry in India and China. As gold has become less affordable, diamonds offer an attractive portable alternative to wear or keep, either at home or in safe storage facilities. From 1999 to 2011, 3-carat diamonds increased in value by 145%, while 5-carat diamonds rose by 171%, according to the Rapaport Diamond Trade Index.

    I am available to advise novice investors, with experienced gemologists on-hand to guide you through the often bewildering language of clarity, cut, color and carat weights. We believe taking physical delivery of Investment Grade Diamonds is the best way to preserve and grow wealth in our current economic environment however if investors feel uncomfortable holding their diamonds, we offer a high-security insured custodial service at several locations worldwide, which allows investors to buy and hold their diamonds offshore for maximum flexibility.

    Ready to preserve and grow wealth, contact me today. david@investmentdiamondexchange.com
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    April 2012



    Create your app in 5 easy steps. Choose what features you want your mobile app to have. We have over 30 features to choose. Simply choose your business industry from the drop down menu and select addition features you would like to add to your mobile app. Choose from a native image gallery, fan wall for your customers, email photo feature, GPS coupon feature, social media integration, and more! http//mybizappmaker.net.
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    January 2011


    Lender Direct America,LLC

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    Urban Houston Network & More

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We are now providing Proof of Funds and Letters of Credit for those that qualify. In order to complete various types of commodity transactions.

Working within the Secondary and Primary market to provide financial business structures and investment opportunities for client's to overcome their goals and financial freedom. Fund based activities include providing finance against securities to a diverse range of corporate and non-corporate clients. It also includes trading in corporate bonds and government securities.

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