Darlene Jevne

Darlene Jevne

Director, St. Christopher Academy

Currently employed at St. Christopher Academy



    Operating out of Seattle Lutheran High School in Seattle Washington and formally John F Kennedy High School in Burien Washington, St. Christopher Academy provides academically at-risk students with learning disabilities, such as ADHD, ADD, and dyslexia, with an environment designed to ensure their academic success. Founded in 1982 by Darlene Jevne for her son and four other boys, St. Christopher Academy boasts a history of success with its students and has earned a reputation as one of the premier special education schools in its region. Many students at St. Christopher Academy eventually go on to attend college and find success in the work place. With a crew of specialized staff members and special education teachers, St. Christopher Academy offers its students the standard repertoire of high school classes in math, history, and science, among others. Unlike standard high schools, St. Christopher Academy educators tailor their teaching styles to the unique needs of their students, guaranteeing effective lessons. On top of specialized classes with a low student-teacher ratio, St. Christopher Academy enforces a no-cut policy for its extracurricular activities, allowing all students the chance to participate in a number of clubs, including Band, Math Team, Photography Club, and the newspaper. Parents of potential students may explore the institution’s website at www.stchristopheracademy.com, which includes a variety of resources designed to create a deeper understanding of the school and its goals. While reading a featured letter from Director Darlene Jevne, parents can get a better feel for the passion, knowledge, and experience driving the school’s administration. As a mother of a child with a learning disability, Darlene Jevne empathizes with the frustration of watching a child struggle or fail in the standard learning environment. At St. Christopher Academy, these students can finally get the chance to succeed.




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