Daniel Hewes

Researcher, The Sustainable Performance Institute

Boston, United States

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His background

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About him

A recent graduate, Daniel Hewes holds a bachelor of arts in environmental and urban studies from Northeastern University and a master of science in urban planning from the Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation. He wrote his graduate thesis on community-led disaster planning and also wrote a thesis during his undergraduate studies about urban sustainability and city living. Maintaining a strong interest in issues regarding urban sustainability and making cities “greener,” Daniel Hewes regularly follows large-scale efforts by cities to decrease emissions and handle climate change, and stays up-to-date on changes in community development and affordable housing.

Throughout his education, Daniel Hewes has built experience through several positions. He most recently was a community affairs fellow for the New York State Senate, spending several months managing constituent cases for district residents and helping with the coordination of a curb and pedestrian study. Prior to this, he held such roles as program coordinator for the Boston Public Health Commission, researcher and outreach associate for the Sustainable Performance Institute, and research associate for 725 Green. Through these positions, Mr. Hewes has developed a strong foundation of skills that he hopes to use and expand once he begins his career.