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Dana Hammond

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    Dana Hammond contributes to a wide variety of nonprofit organizations. She is a member of the Whitney Museum of American Art’s Chairman’s Council and the Guggenheim Foundation’s International Director’s Council. In these positions, Dana Hammond attends both international and domestic events sponsored by the museums. Ms. Hammond enjoys meeting with creative individuals and learning about their artistic processes. In 2011, Dana Hammond traveled to Spain for the opening weekend of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. The event featured The Luminous Interval, a private contemporary art collection with works from more than 30 artists. Attendees enjoyed entertainment as well as panel discussions and opportunities to dine with fellow art aficionados. In the fall of 2011, Dana Hammond traveled to Austria with a Whitney Museum group. During a five-day excursion, the attendees visited Salzburg and Vienna, met with an international art dealer, and toured a contemporary art gallery. The group enjoyed dining at Le Loft, a hotel restaurant in the center of Vienna that includes video art displayed on the ceiling. The following day, they explored the Albertina, a graphic art museum with more than 60,000 holdings. Another notable event featured The Morning Line, a public stage that hosted musical performances and debuts of original performances in Vienna’s Schwarzenbergplatz over a six-month period. Recognizing that philanthropic support is critical in ensuring the continuing mission of educational, as well as cultural, institutions, Dana Hammond also donates to a number of primary, secondary, and post-secondary schools, including New York University, the University of Pennsylvania, Trinity College, The Episcopal School in the City of New York, and St. Bernard’s School. Trinity School, Hayground School, and The School of American Ballet have also benefited from her generosity.




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