Dale v Hunt

Dale v Hunt

Partner, Commissioning Engineer , California Data Center Design Group, CDCDG

Currently employed at California Data Center Design Group, CDCDG


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    Dale V. Hunt earned his BS in Electrical Engineering from the Milwaukee School of Engineering in 1988 before accepting a position with Teradyne Inc. as a Test Supervisor and Engineer. While with Teradyne, Hunt enrolled in the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, earning his MBA in 1992. Dale V. Hunt’s interest in electrical engineering predated his academic career, however. Shortly after graduating from high school, he joined the United States Navy and served as a Work Center Supervisor and Electrician. Upon his discharge from the Navy, Hunt set about acquiring the training and academic credentials necessary to excel in a career as an electrical engineer. He first enrolled in Normandale Community College in Bloomington, Minnesota, before moving on to the Milwaukee School of Engineering. After earning his MBA, Dale V. Hunt spent three years in the insurance industry as a Sales Representative and Marketing Manager for Prudential Financial, Inc. This practical experience immeasurably enhanced Hunt’s familiarity with the world of business and sales. Following his time with Prudential, he worked in several project management positions for various technology companies. He joined Piller in 2000 as Project Manager, overseeing $40 million in projects. Later, Dale V. Hunt earned a promotion to Marketing Manager; in this new capacity, he helped launch a website and collaborated with senior executives with the ultimate goal of developing a new product line and meeting the company's overall business plan. In 2003, he accepted a role as a Project Manager for EYP Mission Critical Facilities, Inc., of Middletown, New York (later acquired by HP). At EYP, Dale V. Hunt combined his electrical engineering skills with his management training and experience, successfully implementing a number of initiatives to track the performance of each project and ultimately enhance profitability. Dale V. Hunt’s responsibilities have increased over the years to include commissioning. A critical element of commissioning is the testing of all systems involved in a project before verifying the equipment and systems are ready for use. In 2007, Dale V. Hunt brought his talents to Facilities Management Solutions in Chicago, where he served as Director of Commissioning for four years. Among other responsibilities, he maintained commissioning operations and hired and oversaw the work of engineers and subcontractors. After many years sharpening his commissioning skills, Dale V. Hunt accepted a position as partner and Commissioning Engineer at California Data Center Design Group in Fair Oaks, California; in this capacity, he holds full commissioning responsibilities for the host of projects in which the group is involved.



Partner, Commissioning Engineer

At California Data Center Design Group, CDCDG

From 2011 to Present

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