Peter Culver

Peter Culver

Experienced New York Wealth Management Professional Peter Culver

Currently employed at BNY Mellon

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    Educated as an attorney, Peter Culver got his professional start with the law firm of Pullman & Comley. As a partner with the firm, he primarily concentrated on real estate transactions, bank transactions, bank regulations, and corporate trust issues. Peter Culver left Pullman & Comley in 1995 to cofound Sachem Trust, NA, a national trust start-up with headquarters in Greenwich, Connecticut. As the company’s president, he also led operations at satellite offices in Guilford and Westport. Mr. Culver subsequently oversaw client investments at three offices in Connecticut and New York as the president of the State Street Bank and Trust Company of Connecticut. Since 2002, Peter Culver has served as a senior wealth advisor with BNY Mellon in New York City. His responsibilities with BNY Mellon involve integrating investment advisement with financial planning to help clients reach their economic goals wile mitigating risk. Speaking before 100 finance professionals, Mr. Culver recently delivered a speech entitled "Becoming Your Client’s Trusted Advisor."


Yale University, New Haven, Ct

BA, Yale University

From September 1970 to May 1974