Craig C. Jensen

Craig C. Jensen

Founder and Chairman, Condusiv Technologies Corporation

Currently employed at Diskeeper Corporation China, Diskeeper Corporation Europe, Condusiv Technologies Corporation



    Craig Jensen currently serves as the Chairman of Condusiv Technologies Corporatio, the company he founded in 1981 under the name Executive Software International, Inc. He traces the beginning of his career in software to an experience more than four decades ago. A top student in his high school, Craig Jensen was one of two students selected to participate in a program called Telephone Executive Leader for a Day. As he shadowed the Chief Executive Officer of the Quincy, Massachusetts, Bell Telephone Company, Craig Jensen had the opportunity to see the inner workings of a large and successful business. The most memorable part of the experience occurred when he saw the company’s chain printer and the computer controlling it. Craig Jensen was captivated by the machines’ speed and function; the IBM 7070 and printer planted a seed of lifelong fascination. Craig Jensen credits his skill in computer programming to the fact that he began working with computers when they were still in their earliest stages of development. After founding Condusiv Corporation, Craig Jensen invented, wrote, and patented the world’s best-selling defragmentation software. Today, his company sells a number of software solutions. Its Windows-compatible products include Diskeeper, V-locity, and Undelete. Reviewed by numerous independent sources, Condusiv products have been called “the gold standard,” “head of the class,” and “faster, stronger, easier than ever.” In his free time, the founder and creator of the successful software can be found writing and taking photographs, two forms of artistic expression he is especially drawn to. As a member of the Church of Scientology International, Craig Jensen contributes his time and money toward furthering the organization’s goals and objectives. Also athletically talented, Jensen competes in the sport of skiing, a pastime he took up at the age of 43.



Founder and Chairman

At Diskeeper Corporation China

From 2007 to Present

Founder and Chairman

At Diskeeper Corporation Europe

From 1987 to Present

Founder and Chairman

At Condusiv Technologies Corporation

From 1981 to Present
Craig Jensen serves as the Chairman of the Condusiv Technologies Corporation, the company he founded three decades ago. Dedicated to creating the best software available, Craig Jensen has designed products that have become the best-selling of their kind. Condusiv Corporation is the 22nd oldest...
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