Christopher Jaijairam

Christopher Jaijairam


Currently employed at CJ GROUP SERVICES, INC



    Direct experience with Real Estate, Financial Consulting and Venture Capital. Loan Officer in both Residential and Commercial Mortgages, Licensed Real Estate and Insurance Salesman, Multi Level Marketing (MLM) Opportunities. Hard Money, Bridge Funding,Venture Capital, Oil Refinery Projects, Power Plant Projects. Management Level, Decisions Making, Expeditor for Real Estate Housing, Tax Abatement Processor. I have good knowledge on MTN's,BG's, SBLC's,T-Bills, Leverage Programs, AU Metals, Precious Metals, Gems,Commodities, Historical Bonds, Crude and Refined Oil, Import & Export and Curriencies. I have great knowledge on Lease Instruments and it is the reason why I am structuring a New Lease EURO MTN with a New FSA Investment Bank in UK.. My goal is promoting a "No Upfront Fee" Fungible Euro MTN (Fungible Euro Medium Term Notes), Debt Securities to be used as a Collateral in Projects and then placed the Collateral into a Leverage/Investment Program to raise funds for Projects. Fresh-Cut FUNGIBLE EURO MTN @ 6+2% -OPEN-No Upfront Fee - No Escrow-100% Debt Free -Structured Collateral Project Funding Investment Program raising Funds for Large Projects in Countries Worldwide. We are introducing a NEW CONCEPT by using Fungible (Lent) EURO MTN as Collateral for a STRUCTURED COLLATERAL PROJECT FUNDING INVESTMENT PROGRAM to raise Funds for Large Projects Worldwide and become 100% Debt Fee and has Reserves to start another Project. This Program is the combination of three (3) Services as ONE straight transaction. 1) Collateral (Fungible EURO MTN), 2) Funding by using the EURO MTN and 3) Structured Private Placement Investment Program by using and placing the EURO MTN as Collateral against an already pre-arranged Credit Line to raise funds for Large Projects Worldwide----Countries with Large Commercial, Humanitarian, IMF, Infrastructure, Education, Hospitals and all related Projects that will change the lives of people and create employment and stability to the region or villages.. After Client passes Due Diligence and Contract counter-signed by Lender, the Screen is ordered for the Fresh-Cut - EURO MTN, the Debt Securities for the Amount on Application, the Client will be given an ISIN Number for Verification to make certain that he/she/Company is indeed the “BENEFICIARY” of the EURO MTN in the Screen, View the Security Information, Prospectus and Asset backing the EURO MTN ("AA: Rated Surety Bond). Client will also be given an Account Statement from the Depository Bank – London for Verification of the Amount of EURO MTN as requested on Application. After Verification of the Screen and Account Statement, Client MUST pay a Fee called the Placement Fee within 48 hours as it id the Fee allowing the Client to use and place the EURO MTN with our Trader for 30 days for the Structured Private Placement Investment Program. Upon payment of Placement Fee, the Screen will be activated and be good for a period of ONE YEAR AND ONE MONTH thereof. Actually, we are giving the Client, a free Screen of the EURO MTN of the Amount for Verification with their Banker/Attorney/themselves and after Verification is completed and confirmed by Client, the Placement Fee is paid within 48 hours as per signed Contract. Please send all questions and request to: for the detailed Presentation and much more... We appreciate your business and I am looking forward in helping and changing the lives of Millions of people around the world. SKYPE: cjgroup1





From 1998 to Present


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  • Clients with Large Commercial
  • Commodities and realated Projects Worldwide to be 100% Debt Free - No Loan Repayment using our NEW CONCEPT of Project Funding Program.
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