Chris Tan

Chris Tan

Marketing Manager, Induxtree

New York, United States

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    Marketing Manager


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    About him

    Induxtree is a B2B marketer that focuses on Telemarketing services and lead generation services. The company serves no better than providing an impactful research on database that will match your sales towards decision makers and business owners throughout United States, Canada, Asia-Pacific countries.

    Choosing Us:
    Provides quality telemarketing together with our professional telemarketer agents that are equipped with the product knowledge, call handling skills and professionalism. Runs an organic and updated database management team that will assess your target market within range of time. Entails well-trained researchers and email marketers that continue to follow up your campaign and keep looking into possible and qualified leads.

    The Way We Do It:
    We will be facilitating the recognition of your business by making outbound calls to your prospects and set an appointment as soon as possible. With our latest database management, we make sure your business corresponds to the right audience. Not only that, we will be providing an appointment as soon as possible to make sure a close sale deal. We follow up business meeting with email blasting and create further awareness for your business to propagate.

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