Chris Bruno

Chris Bruno

Chris's American Restaurant


    Johnson and Wales University alumnus Chris Bruno garnered an Associate degree in Culinary Arts in 1987. Upon completing his studies, Chris Bruno began working as a sous chef in Cape Cod, following that with a position as a sous chef with L'Europe Restaurant in Vista, New York. Chris Bruno pursued his training further by apprenticing under an Austrian chef and a French saucier. After learning about unconventional ingredients and techniques, Chris Bruno earned the title of executive chef of L'Europe Restaurant. Chris Bruno's success there enabled him to leave the restaurant in 1990 to take over Fiddler's, an Irish pub in Brookfield, Connecticut. After 13 years of creating classic Irish food, Chris Bruno reinvented Fiddler's, renaming the venue Chris's American Restaurant and introducing dishes made with his unique methods and upscale ingredients. When Chris Bruno purchased the site in 1990, it was well-known as Fiddler’s Restaurant—an inviting, casual Irish pub. Chris's American Restaurant (Fiddler's Restaurant, Brookfield, CT) flourished under Chris Bruno's leadership, providing a modern, sleek atmosphere to complement its innovative fusion cuisine. Chris's American Restaurant (Fiddler's Restaurant, Brookfield, CT) garnered positive reviews from local news sources, both for its food and commitment to energy efficiency. In 2010, Chris Bruno transformed Chris's American Restaurant (Fiddler's Restaurant) into 189 Sports Cafe, a bar and grill suitable for large groups, as well as couples and individuals. When he is not working, Chris Bruno dedicates his time to the Family & Children's Aid, Inc. board, providing food and financial support to the nonprofit. Family & Children's Aid, Inc. offers residential and treatment services to families and individuals throughout Connecticut. Chris Bruno led the board as President and Vice President for part of his seven years as a member, earning re-election in 2010.


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