Cesare Della Santina

Cesare Della Santina

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    As the founder and president of MONTREAL based CDS Foods Inc, Cesare Della Santina has overseen the growth of his company from a produce broker specializing in garlic, ginger, and shallots imported from Asia and Europe, to an independent importer offering a greatly expanded variety of fresh foods sourced from growers around the world. Originally named CDS Brokers, the company was rebranded as CDS Foods Inc. in 2013 to reflect its broadened selection of imports, which now includes pomelos, dragon fruit, taros, and Asian pears, as well as other exotic items. Though his company already imports from growers in China, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, United States, and many other countries worldwide Cesare Della Santina is focused on satisfying increasingly diverse market demand by seeking new supply contacts in locations such as India, Peru, Chile among others. Representing his company within the broader Canadian fresh food industry, Mr. Della Santina participates in professional produce organizations such as the Quebec Produce Marketing Association, Canadian Produce Marketing Association to name a few. Additionally, he stays informed about his specialty by reading available books or magazines with produce- or food-related topics.



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