Carole Granade

Carole Granade

Candidate , Elections législatives - Français d'Amérique du Nord

San francisco, United States

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Her background

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    September 2011


    Elections législatives - Français d'Amérique du Nord

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    September 2011

    Executive Director

    Chambre de Commerce Franco-Americaine San Francisco

    Over the 8 years at the Chamber, brought it to a new level of legitimacy, visibility and stability.
    - More than doubled membership revenues in 4 years, by proactively marketing to potential members, developing the activities, and giving value to the membership.
    - Developed events and conferences – went from 10 to 50 events per year with a diverse offering
    - Created a new activity of trade services including business training for startups, business hosting, recruitment, interns management, trade missions organization and event planning.
    - Brought the organization to a financially stable situation (from 6 months of debt to 3 months of cash)
    - Managed a team of 5 (including short term staff), 2 office moves,
    - Maintained the website, developed the online communication (community development on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, emails)
    - Managed the relationship to the Board (35 people) and to the different committees of Members.
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    Marketing Manager


    - Product manager for Winnov's Video Capture Cards and Cameras: defined and implemented the marketing plan for Winnov’s new products (web presence, Press Relations, relations with sales channels), responsible for the corporate marketing material (website, resellers kit, manuals…)
    - Business development: managed relations with partners (Microsoft, RealNetworks, White Pine and others)
    - Participated in the company’s reorganization and definition of the business plan.
  • , Paris

    Majeure Entrepreneurs

  • , Sceaux

    Ecole EPF

    Ingenierie d'affaires
  • , Sceaux

    Ecole EPF

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Her skills

  • Operational Marketing
  • Operational
  • Marketing.
  • Marketing
  • Management.
  • Management,
  • Management
  • Leadership
  • Internet.
  • Internet
  • Entrepreneur
  • Computer
  • Communication.
  • Software

About her

Over 10 years of experience in operational management. Currently looking for a position in France.
- Strong management and leadership skills
Substantial experience in both corporate and non-profit environments.
Professionalism: Work well under pressure. Deadline oriented. Organized. Flexible, Self driven
- Outstanding Marketing skills
Ten years experience in business management, product management, marketing analysis, communication, and PR.
MBA-equivalent degree.
A varied experience in event planning: Managed more than hundred events, from PR breakfasts to a 4000 attendee gala.
- Excellent communication skills
Strong written and verbal communication skills
Fluent in French and English, good knowledge of German and Spanish
Experience with managing online marketing and communication tools and small IT infrastructures.

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