Carol Pledger

Top Human Resources Executive

New York, United States

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Her background

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About her

Over the years, Carol Pledger has become one of the top human resources executives in the world. Most recently, she worked at Goldman Sachs in New York as its global head of talent management. During her tenure, Carol Pledger established and ran Goldman Sachs University where she oversaw the design and launch of many new programs. She also oversaw talent acquisition, diversity and inclusion and senior talent reviews. Under her leadership, Goldman Sachs received an Optimas Award for General Excellence.

Ms. Pledger also has been recognized for her contributions to the community. She volunteers as a human resources advisor at City Harvest in New York, where she previously was on the board of directors. Ms. Pledger served as a mentor in the Goldman Sachs philanthropic programs 10,000 Women and 10,000 Small Businesses.

Before joining Goldman Sachs, Carol Pledger was an associate partner in the management consulting practice at Accenture in London. She holds a master of science in information systems from the University of Brighton and a bachelor of science in economics from the London School of Economics.