Carlos Rohm

Carlos Rohm

Partner, LCA Capital

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    A New York resident, Carlos Rohm actively participates in charitable and professional organizations and a nonprofit that promotes entrepreneurial pursuits, and serves as a Director of the Argentine-American Chamber of Commerce. In his spare time, Carlos Rohm enjoys fly-fishing, hunting, marathon running, and skiing. He also participated with Endeavor Global Inc., an organization focused on promoting entrepreneurship. Professionally, Carlos Rohm contributes as a Partner in LCA Capital, which provides Latin American families and companies expert advice on investments, as well as consulting services to US-based corporations looking to invest in Latin America. He offers extensive knowledge of South American culture and business practices to his clients. A native Argentinean with experience working for high-profile US banks and other companies, Mr. Rohm provides expertise to facilitate his clients’ business interests and investments. Before joining LCA Capital, Carlos Rohm built his resume with experience working for some of the most prominent financial institutions in the United States. From 1998 to 2003, he served at Chase Capital Partners, which became J.P. Morgan Partners, where he structured and identified venture capital opportunities in Latin America. Chase Capital Partners and JPMP were the leading Latin American private equity and venture capital funds responsible for some of the highest profile investments in the region. During this period, he led investments into,, and HSM Americas, which ultimately resulted in very successful investments, as the firms raised IPOs or were sold to strategic investors. Shortly after graduating college, Carlos Rohm joined Chase Manhattan Bank. As an Associate, he traveled throughout Latin America for business. His observations and interactions with prestigious Latin American companies helped him better understand the business climate and opportunities present in that region. Since then, he has leveraged his experiences to assist clients who have sought his expertise in making investment decisions. Mr. Rohm also has extensive experience in the real estate sector, having done several investments in the U.S. and Latin America. He currently serves on the board of Casas Atlas, a Mexican home builder.




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