Carl Rheuban

Carl Rheuban

Chief Operating Officer, KeyFlame Energy Advisers

Currently employed at KeyFlame Energy Advisers, Rheuban Partners

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    Carl Rheuban brings nearly 40 years of real estate and consulting experience to his current position as the Founding Partner and Managing Director of Rheuban Partners, a real estate and energy advising company in Southern California. Carl Rheuban’s responsibilities include advising companies on the purchase, development, and maintenance of real estate properties, as well as overseeing energy advising accounts. Mr. Rheuban and his associates combine their years of experience in the consulting and real estate industry to make Rheuban Partners one of the top advisers of its kind not only in California, but also in the entire United States. Carl Rheuban also functions as the Chief Operating Officer of KeyFlame Energy Advisers, one of the foremost firms providing advisory services related to torrefaction processing. Mr. Rheuban is a technology and project development consultant on torrefaction process plants throughout the world in various stages of planning, development, fabrication, and installation. Torrefaction refers to the roasting and processing of biomass, most often wood into pellets. Torrefied wood pellets burn in a manner similar to coal and produce similar amounts of energy, but with reduced emissions. Due to these properties, coal-fired power plants can use this renewable fuel to replace coal in their operations. Carl Rheuban attended Southwestern University School of Law, where he earned his Juris Doctor. During his time as a law student, Mr. Rheuban was a member of the Southwestern Legal Aid Society and acted as the Associate Editor of the Loyola Law School Consumer Protection Journal. In his free time, Mr. Rheuban enjoys outdoor activities like skiing, boating, riding his motorcycle, paragliding, and scuba diving. He also donates regularly to the Los Angeles Jewish Welfare Fund and is a former member of the Los Angeles Music Center Board of Trustees.




At KeyFlame Energy Advisers

From 2009 to Present
Technology and project development consultant on a multitude of torrefaction process plants throughout the world in various stages of planning, development, fabrication and installation. Torrefaction is a process to convert wood and other biomass materials into torrefied pellets that are a clean...
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Managing Director

At Rheuban Partners

From 1994 to Present


At Carl Rheuban

From 1973 to 1993
Drafted the California Limited Partnership Act. Represented Clarence Chance for wrongful incarceration of 17 years in prison for a crime for which he was completely innocent; Chance received $5 million, the largest personal injury settlement in history from the City of Los Angeles.

General Partner & CFO

At De Anza Properties

From 1973 to 1993


At Conventional Mortgage Corporation

From 1978 to 1989
Assembled 200 banks and savings & loans as seller servicers to originate and service mortgages for the program. This was the first company to complete a transaction of this nature in 1979.

Professor of Law

At Southwestern University School of Law

From 1974 to 1979
Taught Partnership Law & Tax, and Corporate & Securities Law. Founding Chairman of the Dean's Circle at Southwestern University in 1983.

Centres d'intérêt

  • Performing magic
  • boating
  • jet-skiing
  • off-road motorcycles
  • paragliding
  • scuba diving