Burgess Stockwell

Burgess Stockwell

Managing Partner, HRS&G

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    With over 14 years of professional executive experience in the human resources field, Burgess Stockwell is able to provide outstanding service to small and mid-size companies in many industries. As Managing Partner of HRS&G, Human Resources Strategy & Growth, Burgess Stockwell offers customized HR solutions including loss prevention, employee handbook creation or revision, performance reviews, recruiting and on-boarding, as well as organizational strategy and assessment. After earning her Associate of Science degree from Irvine Valley College and her Bachelor of Science in Business Management from the University of Phoenix in Costa Mesa, California, Burgess Stockwell served in various human resources roles at companies from different industry sectors during the early part of her career. In November 1996, Burgess Stockwell was employed by Radiance Medical Systems, Inc. as the Director of Human Resources. As a member of the senior management team, Burgess Stockwell developed the HR department to accommodate the growth of the publicly traded company, creating an effective employee goal setting and performance evaluation system to support the strong, 100+ employee firm. At Radiance Medical Systems, Burgess Stockwell also centralized the recruiting process and worked to gather highly qualified executive and technical talent. Between 2000 and 2003, Burgess Stockwell took on a consulting role for HR Foundations in addition to her other employment duties. In that setting, Burgess Stockwell advised many companies in establishing performance standards, optimizing employee relations, overseeing compliance and documentation, planning benefits, and providing other personnel services. Burgess Stockwell later earned a position with EZ Lube as the Vice President of Human Resources & Training and Development. As a member of a strategic leadership team, Burgess Stockwell planned and executed company goals, facilitating growth of the 900+ member staff. One of Burgess Stockwell’s most notable achievements at EZ Lube was the reduction of turnover by 70%. By developing an employee success profile based on skills and character traits, Burgess Stockwell was able to identify and hire the candidates with the greatest opportunities for success.



Managing Partner


From 2010 to Present
Burgess Stockwell is responsible for providing human resource services to small to medium-size companies. Burgess Stockwell successfully integrates Human Resource functions with value add content creation, consulting and integrated delivery systems. Ms. Stockwell is a sharp analyst with a gift for...
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