Bruce Maag

Chief Executive Officer, International Phoenix Group

New york, United States

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His background

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His skills

  • CEO
  • International
  • Phoenix

His hobbies

Sports of all sorts: softball football basketball baseball swimming tennis volleyball hiking camping community affairs Coach of Various little leagues and volleyball teams for young people Collecting coins and currency of the United States.

About him

Bruce Maag leverages four decades of solid professional experience toward serving as CEO of the International Phoenix Group, a treatment foster care company based in Delphos, Ohio. Dedicated to enhancing the lives of foster children nationally, Bruce Maag possesses an extensive background of professional service to multiple organizations. Bruce Maag garnered vital experience serving on the Board of Directors of the Community Action Commission of Allen County. Bruce Maag is Founder and former President of the Ohio Youth Service Bureau Association and the Allen Council for Youth Service Agencies. In addition to serving as the first Chairperson of the Ohio Coalition of Foster Care Networks, Bruce Maag also cofounded the Ohio Youth Services Network and the National Board of Directors of the North American Foster Family-Based Treatment Association. Bruce Maag also acted as President of the Allen County Chapter of the OSU Alumni Association and Vice President of the Task Force for Self-Sufficiency/Disadvantaged Women in Allen County. Additionally, Bruce Maag sat on the Advisory Board of the Ohio Member Oakwood Forensic Center. Bruce Maag remains an integral component of numerous organizations focused on providing aid and services to children in need. Bruce Maag is an active member of the American Personnel and Guidance Association, the American Youth Work Center, the National Foster Parent Association, the National Council on Crime and Delinquency, the American Correctional Association, Ohio Personnel and Guidance Association, and the Foster Family Based-Treatment Association. Displaying a wide range of interests, Bruce Maag is deeply involved in public service and community organizations and devotes his time toward personally volunteering in his community as a coach for various volleyball and little league teams. Beginning his career as an undergraduate student at Ohio State University, Bruce Maag received his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Bruce Maag later attended the University of Dayton, graduating with his Master of Science in Counseling.