Boris Brevnov

Boris Brevnov

Former Vice President at AES

Placentia, United States

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  • Web Development

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Horseback Riding

About him

As the vice president of Corporate Development and Global Utilities at AES, Boris Brevnov oversaw several aspects of business plan execution on a global level. During his time at the company, he cultivated skills in the identification, definition, and execution of major projects and mergers, and implemented a variety of new business initiatives. Boris Brevnov also served as the vice president of Mergers and Acquisitions in North America while working at AES, overseeing all mergers and acquisitions activities as well as establishing and expanding relationships between AES and other businesses.

In these roles, Boris Brevnov led the company to great success. He increased the company's EBITDA contribution from 26 to 34 percent in a single year, and pursued key merger and acquisition deals, ultimately closing high enterprise value acquisitions. He also executed the reentry of the company's electric retail business to North American markets, expanding their role in this field worldwide and strengthening the company's overall position.