Bill Rego Florida

Bill Rego Florida

Florida Health-care Industry Consultant Bill Rego

Miami, United States

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  • Entrepreneurship

About him

Bill Rego is a longtime Florida executive who heads an Orlando-area medical consultancy. He works with approximately 250 clients spanning physician groups and practices as well as other health-care organizations throughout Florida. Bill Rego implements patient-driven products that are conservative and help increase client profit margins.

He considers it his mission to enhance the health-care profession by providing solutions that reduce both the workloads and the stress levels of health-care workers. His team of sales associates and partner affiliates are integrity driven and have earned numerous Medical Association endorsements. Since establishing the company in 2010, he has expanded market share significantly each year.

Mr. Rego previously held vice president of sales responsibilities with Bankers Healthcare Group in Florida. He helped redefine the inside sales culture to meet specific medical industry needs and oversaw the hiring of sales executives. Implementing a new profit-sharing module, he helped incentivize optimal sales results.

Outside of work, he has a love of travel and seeks out natural locales in the mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee. He enjoys outdoor activities, such as fishing, as well.