Beth Kelly-Peelle

Guidance Counseling Consultant

United States

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Her background

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About her

A consultant to private high schools throughout New York City, Beth Kelly-Peelle has earned nearly three decades of experience in guidance counseling. Most recently, she served as manager of counseling services for the City University of New York in Manhattan. Her responsibilities included overseeing career counselors as they performed such tasks as administrating personality and interest inventories and advising students on appropriate educational programs and courses. Beth Kelly-Peelle also worked for more than 10 years as a guidance counselor within the New York City Public School System, where she counseled students on academic and personal issues while consulting with parents, staff, and teachers as necessary.

Outside of her work as a guidance counseling consultant, Elizabeth Kelly-Peelle enjoys contributing to charities and nonprofits. Groups which benefit from her support include the Children’s Aid Society and Literacy Volunteers of America. She also enjoys many hobbies, such as wine tasting. She has traveled many times to the Bordeaux region of France to explore the world-famous vineyards there.