Benjamin Ring

Benjamin Ring

Deputy Sheriff, Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff

Currently employed at Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff



    Though originally a commercial and industrial electrician like his father, Benjamin Ring felt drawn to law enforcement after taking note of a billboard for the Sheriff’s department. As a result, he found employment at his County Sheriff’s Department, beginning in November 2007. Ring initially worked in the jail system, maintaining order and looking after the inmates. Now, Benjamin Ring works in law enforcement. He strongly supports the belief that men and women are innocent until proven guilty, and he feels passionately about his work. Outside of his career, Benjamin Ring stays active through a number of hobbies. His most recent endeavor is rock climbing. So far, he has climbed in Malibu and Stoney Point but hopes to continue climbing until he is able to do Class 5, the most difficult kind. He also likes supporting the Rams and the Lakers, and enjoys playing basketball with his friends on the weekends. Benjamin Ring has explored various types of martial arts, including Kenpo Karate, taekwondo, and boxing. A supporter of community service, Benjamin Ring picks up trash in his neighborhood and on the beaches. A regular blood donor, Benjamin Ring also donated money to help those affected by Hurricane Katrina.



Deputy Sheriff

At Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff

From 2007 to Present
Currently acting as a bailiff.


  • Law
  • Law enforcement

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  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Cleaning up the Environment
  • Movies
  • Rock Climbing