Ben Willingham

Real Estate Professional and Avid World Traveler

Nashville, United States

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His background

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    January 2002


    AmCorp Realty Corporation

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    AmCorp Realty Corporation

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About him

Ben H. Willingham, III has been buying, managing, and selling real estate in the United States for more than a quarter of a century. After entering the field in 1987 when he chartered Third Federal Investment Group, Inc., he focused largely on acquiring commercial properties and brokering third-party transactions. Over time, Ben Willingham accumulated a significant real estate portfolio, but later decided to sell a large portion of his holdings when he shifted his focus to trophy properties. Now, he functions as the CEO of AmCorp Realty Corporation. Under Mr. Willingham’s leadership, the company manages a large portfolio of multi-tenant and net lease properties in more than a dozen cities across seven states.

An avid traveler in his free time, Ben Willingham has explored Europe and the Americas, where he has visited several villages in Brazil and traversed more than 1,000 miles of the Amazon River by boat. He has also crossed the Atlantic Ocean by ship more than 50 times. When visiting other countries, Mr. Willingham enjoys researching local restaurants and food trends and visiting local markets. Because he does not travel by air, he views his excursions as great adventures.