Ben Ripstein

Ben Ripstein

President, Midwest Motors Inc.

Currently employed at Midwest Motors Inc.



    Having built a career based on his love of cars, Ben Ripstein serves as president and owner of Midwest Motors, Inc., in Lake Zurich, Illinois, which specializes in luxury and exotic late model automobiles with low mileage. Situated approximately 45 minutes from Chicago, Illinois, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the dealership is a warehouse that Ben Ripstein remodeled to accommodate his cars and to give the space a more elegant look, creating the perfect place to sell automobiles such as Audis, BMWs, Aston Martins, and Bentleys. In addition to his leadership role as owner and president, Ripstein oversees the selection of every car his business procures, only choosing vehicles that meet his strict criteria. Traveling all over the country, he meets with private owners to purchase only the classiest of cars in the best of conditions. After deciding what the price of the automobile will be and if it will be available with an extended warranty, Ben Ripstein displays them in his showroom.




At Midwest Motors Inc.

From 2009 to Present

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