Belinda Thompson

Belinda Thompson

Markerting Manager, MCM Leads

Currently employed at MCM Leads



    There are so many ways to generate leads. Choosing and using the cheapest method, doesn't mean that it would save you more time and money and would guarantee you more leads / appointments. Emails, cold-calling, online and social media marketing are different kinds of channels that are being used by different companies. Using it individually might work. But aren’t you wondering if using them at the same time would be much more effective? So, let's break it down: * Email Marketing - By using the right tool, creating an effective email copy and reaching thousands of potential clients, you'll generate both positive and negative responses. * Cold-calling - The most powerful channel for many companies including ours. * Online and Social Media - Connect with clients and potential customers using social media networks and gather info or feedback that would help you improve your services. Now, we may not be the best marketing company but what we offer are the best solutions for the right prospect at the right time. Worried about your budget? Don’t be because our rates are open and negotiable depending on your needs and requirements. The best thing is that you get email marketing, cold-calling, online and social media marketing services all for the price of one. Would you like to learn more? Let me know the best time and number to reach you at


Markerting Manager

At MCM Leads

From January 2011 to Present


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  • Social Media marketing

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