Basil Hamdan

President, HF Holdings, Inc.

Orlando, United States

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About him

The proprietor of HF Holdings, Inc., Basil Hamdan serves as president of the Florida-based debt collections agency. A leader in the field, Mr. Hamdan successfully engages in utilities collections, commercial collections, second placement collections, and default loan collections for clients from around the world. His network of law firms and collection agencies enables him to provide smaller companies with the resources and diligence of larger groups. Moreover, HF Holdings commences action against debtors without any down payments from the client. To learn more about Basil Hamdan's firm, visit

As the leader of HF Holdings, Mr. Hamdan is involved in many areas of the business. He studies the latest in technologies and trends so that HF Holdings remains on the cutting edge of the industry. In addition to aiding his clients, Basil Hamdan enjoys producing a workplace that promotes innovation and satisfaction among the staff. Moreover, he has developed a fascination with the economy and learning about how changes in the markets affect the nation. During his spare time, he enjoys relaxing with his family, trying different cuisines, and going to the beach to participate in water sports.