Barry Kornfeld

Founder, First Financial Tax Group

Aventura, United States

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    First Financial Tax Group

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About him

Tax adviser Barry Kornfeld has spent more than two-and-a-half decades helping retirees and people planning for retirement to handle their taxes and take control of their financial futures. At First Financial Tax Group, which he founded, he pays particular attention to helping people to save money on taxes, as well as to plan their estates and individual retirement accounts (IRAs).

In particular, Barry Kornfeld strives to help his clients to maximize the amount of IRA money that goes to both account holders and their heirs. He also helps seniors with guaranteed income plans for monthly checks or for compounded growth. Barry also hosts a radio show from 9 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. daily on south Florida’s AM740. Prior to joining First Financial Tax Group, Barry Kornfeld ran several other retirement planning offices. In Aventura, Florida, he ran an office for AmeriLife and advised seniors on many of the same issues that he does today. In just a few months, his office rose to the upper echelons of AmeriLife’s Florida operations in terms of production. Mr. Kornfeld saw similar success with a Boynton Beach branch of Amerifirst Direct.

Throughout his career, Barry Kornfeld has focused on serving the needs of seniors. For his continuing professional education, he selects classes focused on working with older individuals, and in the past, he has studied ways of addressing the financial and psychological challenges presented by aging. In recent years, Mr. Kornfeld has also attended lectures by David Walker and Alan Greenspan on various subjects, including the U.S. national debt. To give back to his community, Barry Kornfeld contributes to Jewish organizations and supports American University and Florida State University. Married for 26 years, he enjoys playing basketball, traveling, and cycling in his free time.