Barbara Donahue

Barbara Donahue

Belly Dance Studio

Tiverton, United States

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Her background

  • Today
    September 2005

    Dance Leader

    Belly Dance Training

    Barb Quotes "Live life to brim, pursue dreams, be your self, share, learn from all your teachers, teach those you can, do your best, let creativity your mantra , never give up, follow your passion, to dance is to dream while being awake".
  • Today
    May 2015
    January 2011

    5th year team Leader, 1st year choreographer SM

    Shimmy Mob

    Last year 2000 dancers in 5 continents performed the same Belly Dance, in the same costume sharing the dance, raising awareness and funds for women's and children's shelters. This is the 5th Dancing Spirit Studio Shimmy Mob
  • Today
    August 2013
    August 2013

    Belly Dance Instructor

    Extensions School of Dance

    Recommendation "Barbara came to Extensions School of Dance to work with our Summer Dance Intensive Students.She is a talented, creative instructor who presented our students with a memorable and detail-filled class. Belly Dance is a new genre for our students.Barbara led them through several dances,explained the movements with detail. Our classically trained dancers were able to "perform". Barbara brought notes,background information,hip scarves & veils. Barbara's Belly Dance class was a highlight of our camp week."

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Her skills

  • Ballet and contemporary dance
  • Studio manager
  • Social Networking
  • Social Network Savant
  • Performer
  • Performance
  • Instructor
  • Fundraising
  • Dance writer
  • Costumes
  • Community builder
  • Community
  • Choreographer
  • Tapestry Belly Dance

About her

The Dancing Spirit Studio, Tiverton RI ,USA
"To Dance is to dream while you are awake "
Belly Dance Instructor
Goat Dancer
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