Avi Naider

Avi Naider

Avi Naider is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ACES Risk Management Corp.

Currently employed at ACES Risk Management Corporation (ARMCO)



    According to Avi Naider, finance journalist and Chief Executive Officer of ACES Risk Management Corporation (ARMCO) in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, ACES WEB is the “most robust, flexible, user-definable, and scalable quality-control solution on the market.” ARMCO developed the ACES (Automated Compliance and Evaluation System) platform back in 1994, when the economic climate was much calmer. In today’s far more complex and heavily regulated lending landscape, however, Avi Naider knew that mortgage bankers would require more sophisticated and customizable tools. Avi Naider has noted that some financial institutions have invested more than “200,000 hours of IT team time” trying to comprehend and integrate a bewildering array of new quality-assurance regulations, including those linked to the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act. The Princeton-educated Avi Naider led the transformation of ACES WEB to meet compliance standards for both retail and wholesale mortgage bankers and lenders of all sizes. ACES WEB is a flexible and comprehensive quality-assurance solution that relieves individual information technology departments, especially those in small to mid-size companies, of the responsibility to develop, implement, and maintain their own compliance technologies. ARMCO and its suite of products allow financial companies to produce timely, appropriate responses to increasingly complex regulations. To learn more about ACES Risk Management Corporation and its other industry solutions, visit www.armco.us.



Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

At ACES Risk Management Corporation (ARMCO)

From 2008 to Present


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