Ava Dorrance

Wellness Coach, Guided Mindful Change and Wellness

Milpitas, United States

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About her

Ms. Ava Dorrance has spent over two decades in the field of social work, specializing in mental health. At Cass County Memorial Hospital in Iowa, Ava Dorrance served as a Psychiatric Social Worker, providing therapy services to individuals, families and groups. In this role, Ava Dorrance focused on treatment of childhood trauma and worked closely with younger patients, instituting a day program for children with behavior disorders. In addition to her work with Cass County Memorial Hospital, Ava Dorrance worked as a counselor for the Atlantic Community School District.

Ava Dorrance came to these two roles with extensive experience from her previous position as a Psychiatric Social Worker and Therapist with Genesis Psychology Associates. While playing a supporting role in the Genesis Health System’s main branch of health care providers, Ava Dorrance also established a private practice that she staffed and maintained.

Ava Dorrance is a graduate of The University of Iowa, earning first a Bachelor of Arts in Art and Museum Science and later a Master of Social Work. Throughout her career, Ava Dorrance has held a number of notable positions, including the role of Coordinator of the Eating Disorder Program for the Covenant Medical Center, Mental Health Consultant for the Iowa Department of Human Services, and Psychiatric Social Worker for the Robert Young Center for Community Mental Health.

When she has time for recreation, Ava Dorrance enjoys watching films, reading literature, traveling, writing, and participating in outdoor activities such as hiking and birding. Ava Dorrance also devotes considerable energy to her community, engaging in charitable ventures through her church and working with the Scott County Family YMCA to help fund its daycare program.

Ava Dorrance currently resides in Iowa, where she cares for her elderly parents and manages the family business.