Rubie James

Rubie James


West Linn, OR, United States

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One of my goals of interest in life is to teach English writing and grammar in various Countries in Africa as well as to do the work of a missionary and evangelist in Africa India Haiti and other Countries in need.

About her

Rubie James is an Office Manager/Administrator/Teacher with over 20 years of Office, secretarial and clerical experience.

A published author and writes under the pseudonym Jewels Prophet.

She is the steward of the acclaimed Revelation Today for the Nations, Revelation Today Aworship and Preparing Mindsets For A Higher Truth Blogger.

A student, teacher and motivator who is a spiritualist that interpret dreams/visions who release Prophetic Word of Truth that point others to a more excellent way.

A proven teacher in the public school arena as well as vocational and spiritual settings. Not by any means ‘religious’ but one who lives by high morals and values that loves and accepts all people.

I believe that we are all unique emanations of a Divine Creator and that each of us has a purpose and mission in life.

I believe that we can repair the world with one random act of kindness at a time.

One of my goals in life is to teach English, writing and grammar in various Countries in Africa as well as to do the work of a missionary and evangelist in Africa, India, Haiti and other Countries in need.

My personal goal is to publish many more manuscripts into books to share knowledge and experience with others.

My major goal is to be the best that I can be as a positive contributor to mankind and society.

Apostle Rubie James has an Associate in Arts degree in Business Administration with honors, numerous Certificates with course work commensurate to a Bachelor in Arts. She procured a licensed with the CA State Department of Consumer Affairs as a Cosmetology Vocational Instructor. She was admitted into the United States Naval Reserve as a Petty Officer 2nd Class receiving an honorable discharge. A proven Theological Instructor who teaches higher spiritual concepts who has worked as a substitute teacher and tutor within the public school system.

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Ralph Day
  • VP-Social Media and US Ambassador to India for ICOF
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