Anwar Heidary

Anwar Heidary

A knowledgeable and experienced financial professional.

Currently employed at Smart Financial Consulting



    A knowledgeable and experienced financial professional, Anwar Heidary assists in providing clients with expert advice and strategies for building and managing wealth. As consultant to Smart Financial Consulting, a Canadian financial services company located in Hamilton Ontario and servicing clients in and around Toronto and Golden Horseshoe, Mr. Heidary serves as a trusted partner with individual and corporate clients and families with mid- to high-net-worth holdings. He began his career as a life insurance agent in 1973, but moved on to financial planning and opened his own financial planning firm in 1983. Anwar Heidary possesses over 35 years of institutional history and market insight. Anwar Heidary grew up in Kabul, Afghanistan. Kabul, at the time, attracted tourists and scholars because of its cosmopolitan and hospitable reputation. After completing his primary school education in Kabul, Anwar Heidary went on to pursue engineering studies in Germany, where he earned his Gewerbe Lehrer degree. This degree qualified Anwar Heidary as an Engineering Educator. After working in this field in Duisburg, Germany, Anwar Heidary attained his Masters of Engineering degree and accepted a management role with an aviation parts contractor to McDonnell Douglas, where he worked from 1970 to 1973. In the 1970s, the financial markets began evolving from relatively distinct national economies to a more global model. Recognizing the need for informed advice about the financial market, Anwar Heidary opted to leave the field of engineering to embark on a career in financial planning. He acquired his Life Insurance License in 1973 and worked for three years as a Life Underwriter and Financial Planner with a United States-based insurance company until 1979. During this time, the company promoted him several times; he ultimately rose to the senior executive position of Director of Sales for the Province of Ontario. In 1979, he accepted a position as Assistant Branch Manager for Sun Life Financial in Hamilton, Ontario. In 1983, Anwar Heidary launched his own financial planning firm with business partner and wife, Meta Heidary and partner Rick Goldring, who later was elected Mayor of Burlington, Ontario. The entrepreneurial endeavor proved successful for Mr. Heidary, who oversaw real-estate tax-incentive projects, and condominium and commercial complexes, and built a prestigious and state-of-the-art championship golf course called “Heron Point Golf Links” in Ancaster, Ontario. His business successes in Canada caught the attention of officials in Afghanistan, who invited Anwar Heidary to visit his home country and help create a plan to improve infrastructure and opportunity. Although the influx of the Taliban in the mid-1990s put a halt to these efforts, Anwar Heidary remains committed to the plight of the Afghan people and after 9/11, he was elected as an official Adviser for the Ministry of Commerce and worked with other leaders to facilitate commerce treaties.



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