Anita Dizdar

Anita Dizdar

Relationship Manager, KeyCorp

Currently employed at KeyCorp



    Currently a Relationship Manager at Fortune 500 financial institution KeyCorp, Anita Dizdar commands a varied professional history and a record of dedication in every role she undertakes. Formerly a sales associate at a gift shop at Sea-Tac Airport near Seattle, Dizdar also served as an aide in a childcare institution. The latter experience inspired her to further her abilities in the field, and she completed necessary steps to acquire a daycare license from the state of Washington. Once resources align, she plans to establish a venture of her own, Rainbow Kids LLC. Passionate about pursuing knowledge in diverse arenas, Anita Dizdar additionally obtained an Associate’s degree from Highline Community College, where she completed courses in legal studies and business administration. Anita Dizdar hails from Banja Luka, a city in the former Yugoslavia. As a child and adolescent, she learned the meaning of dedication as a folk dancer with the KUD Pelagic folk dancing school and competitive handball athlete on teams with ZRK Mlados. At the age of 16, Anita Dizdar acquired new levels of wisdom as she watched her country descend into violent warfare, while her community members rallied to help one another in a time of need. She and her family relocated to the Seattle, Washington, area and demonstrated considerable strength in the process of rebuilding their lives. In 2004, Dizdar’s commitment to the support of others once again strengthened with her father’s stroke. She undertook his care and rehabilitation, and remains grateful for the experience. At present, Anita Dizdar strives to help other people in numerous ways. She volunteers in a local elementary classroom and regularly donates toys, clothing, and furniture to Goodwill.



Relationship Manager

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